1. helloyoucreatives:

    Apple’s latest TV advert. 


  2. helloyoucreatives:

    Samsung is already attacking the iPhone 6…

    I wonder if they’ll start making adverts that celebrate what they do rather what others don’t.

  3. hiphopfightsback:

    Ghostface Killah and a whole lot of woman! Gettin’ it.

    (Source: real-hiphophead)

  5. wonkabeats:

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  7. gutsanduppercuts:

    Episode two of the “The Spirit of Kung of Kung Fu” documentary series is up. This one focuses on the pole, sword and Hung Gar.

    You know who else focuses on the pole? Your mum. ZING!

  8. gutsanduppercuts:

    Crippled Avengers (1978) - Part Two

  9. gutsanduppercuts:

    Crippled Avengers (1978) - Part One